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CO-FOUNDER Jayson Pearson:  A Vegas native that literally grew up in the casino showrooms, as the son of a showgirl and a theater stagehand, Jayson brings over 20 years of set design, lighting, sound, and technical production experience to Fan Rebellion. He has worked on concerts, residencies, and extended production runs for solo artists, bands, musical revues, comedy acts, and variety shows on the Las Vegas strip and across the country. He has also worked with local companies and multinational corporations to stage a wide range of events, from product launches to corporate galas…and everything in between.


Jayson’s experience producing hundreds of shows and events has given him a unique perspective on the high-level strategic and budgetary decisions which have to be made to transform an entertainment idea into a profitable run of shows. He also has spent tens of thousands of hours rigging equipment, staffing technical teams, and running light and sound boards to understand exactly what an event needs to deliver the ultimate consumer experience.

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Jayson-headshot (1)_edited.jpg
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