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Event Management By Altus Entertainment

Altus Entertainment stands at the forefront of curating extraordinary entertainment experiences, dedicated to matching every client with the ideal talent to elevate their events. Our team of expert Entertainment Booking Agents is the backbone of a seamless, stress-free journey towards an exceptional celebration. We pride ourselves on offering distinctive, cost-effective performances that do more than just meet expectations—they surpass them, leaving lasting impressions. Whether it's a private gathering or a grand corporate event, we are committed to transforming your vision into a reality, with an unwavering focus on service excellence and a passion for unforgettable entertainment.

Altus Entertainment was founded by Seasoned show and event producers. No matter who you are, from a corporate marketing manager looking to through a love award show for your sales teams, a Loving daughter looking to make sure mom and dad have the best night of their life on their 50th wedding anniversary, or a Soon to be the bride that is overwhelmed and needs a Steady hand to make sure your wedding is a dream, not a nightmare Altus is the company for you.


You can choose what you need or get the full-service treatment. We are based In Las Vegas but have produced events around the globe and have both full time and contract staff to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

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