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Las Vegas is the world’s go-to destination for all things fun. Las Vegas has hosted some of the most legendary acts and residencies and has for decades been the place you go to see unique theatrical experiences and performances by the biggest stars. We founded Fan Rebellion to give everyday people something they’ve never had before: the chance to invest in the action.  You can become a part owner of Las Vegas shows and attractions.  Invest in Fan Rebellion and you own a piece of the Las Vegas entertainment pie.


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Vegas entertainment has traditionally been run by large corporations and casinos which have generally shut the door on the small investor.  Fan Rebellion is going to change all that.  Our Reg CF fundraising initiative is open to everyday investors who want a voice in their Las Vegas entertainment options.  And you’ll have one, because as an investor in Fan Rebellion, you’ll have the opportunity to provide input on upcoming productions and projects.  Better yet, as a fan-owner you’ll benefit directly with VIP access, discounts, and other perks as the company grows and more projects come online.

And live entertainment is just the beginning.  Future Fan Rebellion projects will expand beyond live shows to include ticketed attractions and ownership and operation of nightlife and entertainment venues.  Our team of leaders has decades of combined experience booking and producing A-list talent, managing productions, staging attractions, and managing entertainment venues.

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